In order to become a great project manager, you need to know how to work with a lot of moving parts. You need to organize teams, meet deadlines and stay within budget. Project management is complex and requires elements of psychology and business . The books below will help you become a better project management and will provide good tips for the future.

A Guide Of The Project Management Body Of Knowledge

Also known as the PMBOK by project managers, this book is THE textbook on the subject. Many consider it a requirement if you’re planning on taking (and passing) the PMP exam. It was by far the book that came up the most as a recommendation from experienced project managers. It’s a little tough to read, as it is an academic textbook. It’s just one of those books you should probably have around to reference.

Project Management: Absolute Beginner’s Guide

This book is a more light, easier approach  of the PMBOK. It’s very well organized and many classes use it as an alternative to the PMBOK, and students say it really helps them pass the PMP. Besides covering the basics and theory of project management, it’s lacking a little bit in examples and actionable on-the-job advice.

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Best for Beginners: Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management

If you’re new to project management, you need a comprehensive and practical guide. Thankfully, Scott Berkun’s book is here to help. Berkun spent over a decade as a PM for big tech companies and draws on his extensive experience throughout the book. The 410-page book is definitely comprehensive and provides advice for every step of the project management process. Although it draws on many complicated theories, the book is written in a style that is easy and approachable.

Best for Climbing The Corporate Ladder: Alpha Project Managers

If you’re looking to grow as an individual and advance your career at the same time, this is a perfect read for you. This book is based on a scientific and thorough survey of over 800 project managers worldwide and focuses on what separates the superstar PMs from the average. It’s great for learning the traits and habits that help determine what your peers and superiors think of you – and what will help you climb the corporate ladder most quickly.

 Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Many project managers never take the PMP exam. They start out in management or another role and end up filling the void to make sure the trains run on time. This is a great book that is best to those who are in traditional management roles who want to get more involved with project management.

Many project managers recommend it for those who manage project managers. Even if you dont plan on becoming a project manager, it is still worth to check out.

Those the are actual-best books when starting out as a project manager. They will surely provide useful information and help you develop managerial skills.



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