We all know that period of time of the month when we all are short on cash and all our financial resources go down the drain on utilities , food, rent etc. Even though at the very end you don’t save a lot of money, a lot of people might be tempted to start a part time business and earn some money by doing their hobby (for example some people like to knit different articles of clothing and would like the idea of selling and custom knit different articles as a part time job )

So although you will want to start your own online business while keeping your actual job, you must take in consideration the time that you will spend working your part time. After a long day at work i doubt that a lot of people would have the energy or focus for their online business. A good idea might be to develop your part time business during the weekends, but with the usual chores of house cleaning, laundry etc there will be not much time left.

Due to this lack of time, beginner entrepreneurs will start to delay their work hours by saying ” i’ll do it next week” ” tomorrow” etc and this can really stop your online business.

I put up a series of steps that will help you stay on track with developing and earning cash using your online part time company.

Most important steps

Step 1. You need to organize your time to some extent that you will spend half an hour doing something productive regarding your online business. If half an hour is too much you can start by doing 10 minutes and increase the time proportionally. For example lets say you want to draw logos and sell them online. On your first day, after work, you should start with 10 minute and with each passing day you just add and extra 2-5 minutes to your work time.
This method is super effective if you like the the time of work you want to do part time because it imprints this period of time in your brain, thus becoming an routine. If you like what you are doing you wont feel like working a lot and slowly , you’ll start to spend more hours or your business projects. You will feel even more motivated when you reap your rewards.

Step 2. Now that you have an organized schedule you must plan ahead what will you do . Its always better to start small and make it bigger as time passes,so even if you are tempted to accomplish some big project, i advice starting with something small and not time consuming.This way you will get results much farther. the disadvantages of doing a big project as your first are that IT will require huge amounts of your time ( as you are the only one working ) and you will probably abandon it . Doing small stuff that will sell for (example) 1-3$ wont require much time for completing and , in case that someone purchased your end product you will feel much more motivated to work as you achieved your first reward and realized that your idea might work.

Step 3. Don’t slack ! Im assuming you passed the starting stage and now you are somewhere in the middle. Now all you must do is not to slack of. No zero days !

Step 4. Always look for shortcuts !

At this step im advising you in searching easier ways of doing the activity that you want as your business. Search for online classes (Skillshare), use everything that you have at your disposal : aplications, free classes, advices, web stock photos , free icons to desing your apps etc

Step 5. Try to study the market.

As you know the overall market changes , and the trend that you knew it was profitable might be a debt nightmare now. Try to study the market and try to do what is the most profitable (in your business domain of course)

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