(Webmaster) Brief :

Webmasters manage web pages, sites and applications. They coordinate the design, development, deployment and maintenance of a company’s online presence. They are responsible for web developers and graphic artists that work in their department. They oversee all aspects of creating a website. 

Managers also coordinate with other departments. They work with communication, sales, marketing or advertising professionals concerning content posted, viewed or pulled from the website. 

Responsibilities :

  • Meet with management regularly to discuss current and future functionality
  • Monitor security and perform all necessary updates
  • Make all necessary updates to the company site, minimizing downtime
  • Maintain virtual and cloud based servers, optimizing speeds
  • Reply to user comments and queries in a timely fashion
  • Manage backup servers and fail over

Requirements : A bachelor’s degree in a subject such as computer science or mathematics is valuable, but not essential, according to the career website State.University.com. An alternative qualification is available from the International Webmasters Association, which offers certification in the field.

 Webmasters require technical skills and experience in computer programming languages, operating systems and Internet applications such as HTML and XML

Salary : Acording to Glassdoor the avarage base pay is $61,083/yr , maximum being 81k/yr for high paying jobs.

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