(Web Administrator) Brief :

Web admins manage and maintain websites, taking into account functionality, appearance, content, and performance. Their main focus is on the technical aspects of web maintenance, such as building servers and troubleshooting, but they also update the more visible parts of the website, tweaking the design or adding new sections. Web admins typically work in front of a computer, but they must be accessible at all times in case problems occur, especially with high-traffic websites. The role lends itself well to freelancing or remote work, since communication with users and clients can be done online.

Responsibilities :

  • create, maintain and improve websites
  • coordinate the work of support staff involved in putting together and maintaining websites
  • make the website as easy as possible to navigate; set up and maintain web servers
  • find, create and install tools to create web content and check for consistency

Requirements : an associate’s degree is required for employment as awebsite administrator. Students may also pursue bachelor’s degrees in computer science, information technology or related areas.

Salary :
The median salary in the U.S. was $64,970 as of May 2015, per BLS data.

While an associate’s degree will give you the basic skills needed to get started as a website administrator, earning a bachelor’s and perhaps certification will help deepen your knowledge, improve your reputation, and bring more work to your door. There are plenty of jobs available, with much-faster-than-average employment growth expected in the next decade.

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