There were a number of techniques and strategies that kept getting mentioned over and over again. There were also some very unique and creative strategies that don’t get talked about, but can be very effective.
The goal of this post is to provide you an overview of what techniques are working when it comes to search engine optimization. Throughout the post, you will find links to excellent resources and guides that provide more in‐depth information about the particular strategy being covered.

  • Go Secure

Ever notice the “s” in “https”? It’s just one extra letter, but it can make quite a bit of difference. S stands for secure, and it signals to visitors that when they’re on your site, they’re in good hands.

  • In‐Depth Topic Coverage
    Given that pretty much everyone I consulted mentioned SEO as being a high value added marketing practice, it must be pretty important. So for any doubters out there, no SEO is NOT dead! However, it is evolving and with evolution comes change.

Keyword research is one of the first things taught to beginners learning SEO and is still very effective to this day. However, keyword research is evolving as semantic search and Google’s Knowledge Graph evolves. These technologies allow Google the ability to understand your searches, regardless of how you phrase them.

  • Re‐Optimizing Existing Content
    If you are a consistent blogger, or your website is a content‐creating machine, you may be sitting on an untapped gold mine. Once an article is published, many people simply forget about it and move onto the next one, not realizing the potential of their site’s existing content.

Every once in awhile (quarterly, half‐year, annually) you should conduct a content audit on your site. A content audit is an audit where you improve articles, merge them together, or even remove them.

  • …And Then Improve Speed Everywhere Else
    Google doesn’t like slow, mobile or otherwise. Which is why you could quite possibly incur a penalty if your site’s loading time isn’t up to par. While loading speed won’t necessarily make or break you in terms of SERP rankings, it definitely has at least a moderate effect.

Check your speed using tools like Pingdom. Cover all the bases. Still having speed problems? It’s worth getting a pro to check it out if you can fit it into your budget this year.

And Last …

  • Get Creative
    Let’s get real for a minute: when you sit down to write out your content and SEO strategy, are you writing for humans or are you writing for Google?

Take title tags, for instance. Some may say, it’s better to have a compelling/engaging title that ranks #3 than a generic one that ranks #1.

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